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Engagement photos in Italy

Hello, and welcome! All this is about passion, most importantly – deeply personal. And does not matter whether it is about love between two people, photography passion or whether it is about work that is done by Mint Deco and Italian Boutique Weddings. All this was made for a better life. We truly believe in that. Location is near Putignano in Puglia region – probably the best sunset I have ever seen in South Italy. Images made in this kind of light was my dream. All dreams come true!

All images by Miks Sels

Press play and see you at the end of  this story (music: Francis Moon):

engagement photos

Yeah, love this Fiat 500. The real Italy taste. What do you think?

engagement photos engagement photos engagement photos

The confetti.

Confetti is always a good sign because there is fun every second. Love these people, for the reason that photographer don’t speak Italian and couple don’t speak English but anyway laughing, guaranteed.

Pampas grass.

First of all thanks to Santa by collecting all the pampa grass for the photo session. Decoration set is ready. And the results? Outstanding because this looks huge and cozy at the same time. Even more.

tattooed hands

Photo shoot location.

Italy provides a lot of great options, even more – every location looks like a rockstar for photography. For example this cactus spot. Very simple but very cool and stylish. Seems like the locations is the key to these engagement photos? Maybe, but also the light matters. Photographer took all photos in the late evening after the sunset because it’s very important for smooth and nice skin tones.

So this is it finally – Italy trip is over but I hope to return very soon!

Thank you for watching. Feel free to share this work outside my website and see you soon on ‘the streets’. See also best wedding photosintimate abandoned church wedding and Zoltners restaurant or wedding in Masseria, Italy.


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