Wedding albums with style

This is an investment!
It is great to see wedding images on screen, but let’s be honest – to lay back on the couch with high-quality wedding albums is a completely different thing. Do you agree? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should consider ordering one of the wedding albums for yourself and for your parents.

kazu albumi
Wedding albums by Miks Sels, free layout design & delivery


– pages 40 (up to 90 images)

– pages 60 (up to 140 images)

– pages 60-100 (up to 300 images), ask your price

– delivery: included worldwide
– layout design included
– high-quality cover materials and printing (best in Europe)
– manufacturer: Floricolor, Portugal. There are other options for design on Floricolor website.
– payments: PayPal ( or standard bank transfer.

Additional info



20*15cm / €320

20*20cm / €330

25*25cm / €360

30*30cm / €400



20*15cm / €390

20*20cm / €400

25*25cm / €440

30*30cm / €490

The Duo Collection is composed by an Album and a Box. Both are produced in IC and Volluto materials in sizes 20x20, 22,5x15, 25x25, 30x20, 30x30 and 35x25.
The model of the album cover will be the same for the Box cover: Plain (on IC and Volluto materials); with UV printing (on IC materials); with Laser engraving (on Volluto materials) and with Embossing on IC materials.
The Box is produced in 2cm wood, in Natural, White or Wenge colours, with a 90º opening.


20*15cm / €360

20*20cm / €370

25*25cm / €400

30*20cm / €420
30*30cm / €450



20*15cm / €430

20*20cm / €440

25*25cm / €470

30*20cm / €490
30*30cm / €520

The Dharka Collection is one more option for those who like albums with "Vintage" style and find the packaging to protect it a must have.
The Dharka is available on Photo paper and Eco Friendly paper. Sizes will vary between square, horizontal, and vertical formats. Check sizes available here. It can go up to a maximum of 50 spreads (100 pages).
The covers of the Dharka Collection are produced in your choice of IC materials. In addition to the Plain cover there are four more customization options: with embossing up to 3 lines of text, with acrylic photo, with acrylic photo plus embossing and with UV Print of a Design of your creation or one suggested by us.


20*15cm / €300
20*20cm / €310
25*25cm / €350
30*30cm / €390



20*15cm / €370
20*20cm / €380
25*25cm / €440
30*30cm / €480

The Kant Collection album has a silky, slightly glossy and textured look. These are the natural characteristics of the Silk materials, used exclusively in this Collection and available in 7 elegant colors.
There are 4 cover options: plain cover, cover with photo window in size 7x7 or 10x10, cover with Embossing and cover with Embossing + Foil. The foil consists in "coloring" the Embossing in one of the following available colors: Gold, Silver, White, Yellow, Brown, Black and Blue.
To pack the Album we suggest the Boîte de Luxe. This box is composed by two wood frames finished with fabric and closed with magnets.


20*15cm / €290

20*20cm / €300

25*25cm / €350

30*30cm / €390



20*15cm / €390

20*20cm / €400

25*25cm / €460

30*30cm / €490

The Antique Collection is the first Album by Floricolor with cover and back cover made with wood. The colors and texture of the wood (Natural, Black and Oak) give to this collection an antique and rustic look. This feature is enhanced by the Genuine Leather used to make the cover’s spine. These materials are the perfect match for this Album. If you wish you can select of one of our Designs or a custom design of your own, to be engraved by laser on the cover. The Smart Box was designed to compliment this collection and will be made with the same colour and finishing selected for the Album.


35*25cm / €430



35*25cm / €530

Inspired by the Pantone trendy colors, the Koti Collection is ideal for the fans of painted wood with a smooth Soft Touch finish. The 4 beautiful pastel colors stand out on this collection.
The Koti Collection consists of a 35x25 album, with a painted wooden cover and a mantle in the same material as the album's spine, a luxurious detail to preserve your album. For the back cover, four new velvet materials are available, in tones that complement the painted wooden cover.
To complete the Album you can also order a Koti Box with the same finishes.
The elegance and harmony of this collection is completed with the customization of the Album Cover and Koti Box, with UV Printing with Spot Varnish.
The base price includes Album + Mantle.
Koti Box and can be ordered as extras.


30*30cm / €370

25*35cm / €360

35*25cm / €360

35*35cm / €400


30*30cm / €480

25*35cm / €470

35*25cm / €470

35*35cm / €520


The Alma Collection stands out for its extraordinary price-quality ratio. Available in 4 sizes (25x35, 35x25, 30x30, 35x35), it includes a Boîte Deluxe.
You can choose between IC, Lunak or Volluto materials for the album cover and the Boîte de Luxe and customize with UV printing, Laser Engraving, Embossing with or without Foil, golden or silver Metal Plate where the names and wedding date will be printed in black with reserved varnish or Acrylic windows on the sizes 5x12, 12x5 and 7x7cm.


30*30cm / €430

35*25cm / €450


30*30cm / €530

35*25cm / €550

WOOD collection

The Wood Collection consists of 1 Album (30x30 or 35x25) and 1 Kuno Wood Box. The main feature of this set is the album cover and box. They are made of wood and the price is irresistible.
The album cover and the Kuno Wood Box are available in 3 colors: Black, Natural and Oak, with 2 finishes, plain or with laser engraving. For the back cover of the Album you can select one of our Standard or Luxury materials.


20*20cm / €480

25*25cm / €510

30*30cm / €580



20*20cm / €570

25*25cm / €610

30*30cm / €680

Boudoir Collection... glamour and sensuality!
As the name implies, the Boudoir Collection was developed with Boudoir sessions in mind. Composed by an Album, a Box and a Folio or a Passepartout, it is the complete solution for your sessions.

The combination of the highest quality materials and handcrafted production of the Boudoir Collection is, without a doubt, the best way to showcase your works of art. Each album features an incredible photographic print on high-quality paper, in lay-flat binding, to accommodate fascinating and panoramic spreads. The Boudoir Collection is available in the following sizes: 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 20x30, 25x35, 30x40.

The Boudoir Collection includes a simple but stunning vegan cover, 15 spreads and matching Floribox. The Boudoir Collection also comes with a Folio, in the same size and material as the album, without customization or a Passepartout 20x30 / 30x20, with two acrylic supports.

The extras available for this album include a Genuine Leather cover with embossing; laser engraving or an Acrylic cover - distinctive quality elements combined to visually enhance and further personalize your works of art.