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Long story short: photographer, normal husband, good father, white workshop.

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I am a destination wedding photographer but enjoy portrait photography and family photoshoots as well - capturing you and your story through the camera. Love to travel for my passion. Can't swallow sea food - sorry! I love nature, old cars, friendly humans and animals. I live in forest (almost) with really bad internet connection. I shoot with Nikon cameras and always will. I rarely eat healthy food (except when my wife cooks) - sorry! I like to try new things and I like to change. I try to avoid arrogant people. I don't know what to say anymore in this 'about me' section!! Call me better!

Anyways! I’m excited that you are here. I would be even more excited to hear about your plans! Write down some more information on the contact page so I can see how can I help you.

“After all the celebration is over, memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left”. Make sure you do the right decision.

If you need any advice to hire the best wedding planner or get the coolest evening host please don’t hesitate to contact me. Take a look at my latest blog posts to see recent work.


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My love, Nikon!

Some of you are creatives and some of you are photographers as well so let's talk.

What’s in my camera bag! Slight upgrade with DSLR from D750 to D780. It’s not that D750 (still have one as a backup body) is a bad camera, I’ve taken pictures with this trustable gear since 2015 and still could do that. It’s just the ISO - as I’m a NO-FLASH guy, I want to use natural light as late as possible. And of course, continuous shutter and 1/8000s will play some role in harsh sunlight!

I’m definitely not the gear geek, but over the years there are some conclusions I’ve summoned. Still not switching to mirrorless (and I’ve tried, but sold it after a month or so). DSLRs are still faster for my shooting style and it is the speed that matters for wedding photography - to catch the exact unique moment I’m looking for.

Lenses. Why exactly do I use this gear? In general - as bright as possible, so mostly prime lenses. All lenses are Nikon for wedding photography work so short specs here.

﹁ 50mm 1.4G AF-S: the best lens ever. This is the to-go lens for everything. I could shoot all day with this lens. Quality, sharpness, weight.

﹁ 35mm 1.4G AF-S: the worst lens ever. Super heavy and post-productions are totally different from all other Nikon lenses. The struggle lens.

﹁ 85mm 1.4D AF: this baby is my baby. Super sharp, super FAST, super bright. Word.

﹁ 24mm 1.8G AF-S: a good lens for narrow spaces. quite fast and most important - the weight. Easily manageable on wedding dance floors with the flash.

﹁ 35mm 2.0D AF: old boy! Faster than 1.4G and way lighter. Post-production is more accurate and that depth of field even is ok, because I rarely was shooting wider than 1.8 with 1.4G.

﹁ 135mm 2.0 AF DC-NIKKOR. emmm…. the bokeh is super nice (that’s why I bought it) and the focusing speed is also. The shutter must be at least 320, otherwise, the images are a bit blurry. So this is not a late-evening lens (sadly).

﹁ 80-200mm 2.8D AF: this is that “5-times a year” lens. Zooming is shitty, but if you need that long shot - you can take it.

﹁ 14-24mm 2.8G ED AF-S: super heavy but 14mm is a must-have for narrow spaces and some group photos. Party photos + flash as well.

﹁ 45mm PC-E 2.8D ED: love this lens for macro and some areal or city vibes. No need for an extra macro lens if you have this 2in1 lens


﹁ 28mm PC-NIKKOR 3.5: a toy! Because sometimes 45mm PC-E was just not enough for that particular space.

Flashes. emmm… just SB900 and SB910.
Cards. Sandisk Extreme PRO 150-200mb/s

Oldstraps moneymaker - stills in shape since 2015.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 - it’s ok. Would love to switch to Mini 3 PRO for portrait shots.

35mm film - just to don’t forget the beginning of everything. Nikon FE2 and Pentax ME. Both cameras are great, but with Nikon FE2 I can use my other Nikon lenses!

Bags. Very light one is ThinkTank Airport Essentials for destination weddings, but Tenba Axis V2 24l for local weddings. As I like to throw my bag on the ground quality of materials is more important than the style and aesthetics. Both of the bags are ok for gear, less - clothing and other small stuff.

That’s all folks. Hope to see you soon!