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Best Wedding Photos by Miks Sels | COLLECTION

Massive, relaxed, cool, sweet, awesome? You choose!

First of all, thank you for visiting this page. Starting from the year 2018 I’m creating the best wedding photos collection right here and forever. Mainly this page is created for your inspiration and a search for a wedding photographer for your special day. All images created by Miks Sels Photography. Before you start scrolling down don’t forget to follow on Instagram – click here.

Yes!! We can create something beautiful together. Something timeless and memorable. Photography for me is not only taking pictures. It is about creating a full story of your love, your lifestyle and your wedding day all together. True moments – no unnatural posing. You celebrate the wedding – I create the story. It’s that simple!

Wedding – a story for the rest of your life. Monday to Friday. 9AM-5PM. Midnight or early morning… Weekends. This year or next year. And I could continue like this forever. However, your life will be beautiful on the wedding date and after the wedding. My duty is to give the best I can – to make sure you get outstanding wedding pictures – true moments, creative looks, details, emotions and more.

Contact me if you have any questions about wedding planners, location scouting for the photo shoot or any other question.
There is always something fresh on Instagram & full weddings on the BLOG.

miks-sels-weddings-italy-spain-1-5miks-sels-weddings-italy-spain-1-3Miks Sels wedding-6best wedding photos by miks sels11-by-Miks-Sels-Weddings-1 A&N-by-Miks-Sels-Apulia-2019-30 E&M-by-Miks-Sels-mood-5 A&N-by-Miks-Sels-Apulia-2019-23Miks-Sels-3 Miks-Sels-4 Miks-Sels-5miks-sels-weddings-italy-spain-1 miks-sels-weddings-italy-spain-1-4 miks-sels-weddings-italy-spain-1-2Miks-Sels-6A&N-by-Miks-Sels-Apulia-2019-49Miks Sels wedding-1 Miks Sels wedding-2 Miks Sels wedding-3Miks Sels wedding-19Miks Sels wedding-4 Miks Sels wedding-5best wedding photos getting readyBest wedding photos Miks Sels & Marcis BirsteMiks Sels wedding-7 Miks Sels wedding-8 Miks Sels wedding-9 Miks Sels wedding-10 Miks Sels wedding-11 Miks Sels wedding-12 Miks Sels wedding-13 Miks Sels wedding-14 Miks Sels wedding-17 Miks Sels wedding-18 Miks Sels wedding-20Miks-Sels-7 Miks-Sels-8 best wedding photos by miks sels Miks-Sels-13best wedding photos june 2018 best wedding photos june 2018 best wedding photos june 2018 best wedding photos june 2018 best wedding photos june 2018

Miks-Sels-12 Miks-Sels-11 Miks-Sels-9 Miks-Sels-10 best wedding photos by miks sels Miks-Sels-19 Miks-Sels-17 Miks-Sels-16 Miks-Sels-18 Miks-Sels-20

best wedding photos Wedding cake, burgundy colors. Miks Sels-1-74 Christmas wedding wondarland Miks Sels-1-102 copy best wedding photos Seaside bride Miks Sels-2-4 Miks Sels-3 Miks-Sels-1-2 Miks-Sels-1-5 Miks Sels-1-25 Miks Sels-1-38 emo5 best wedding photos det3 E&V by-Miks-Sels -11 best wedding photos best wedding photos Miks Sels – Laura & Pavels MOOD-27 svin5 svinibas4best wedding photos best wedding photos best wedding photos



If you’re looking something more about the photographer or weddings, please get in touch – there are more stories on the blog.  Now taking bookings for next year! If you have any questions about photography packages, wedding planners, best evening hosts or any other question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.  And remember: after all the celebration is over, memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left. Hope meet and greet very soon.

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Tell me a little bit more about yourself, your wedding day. What is a perfect wedding for you? How did you meet each other? I’m happy to see you here – feel free to ask me any questions and see you soon.


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