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        Miks Sels photographer

        Meet Miks / YOU HAVE MORE FUTURE THAN THE PAST - so let's act now

        Long story short: 36 yo, photographer, normal husband, father of two superstars, white workshop.

        People – this is how I can describe my photographs. It’s all about people. I am really happy that I can do my best to fulfill photography with emotions, happiness, laughs, love, aesthetic visuals and much more. I am thankful for that every day – Monday, Thursday .. any day, any week! Literally.


        Photographer with cinematic tones and a fresh, artistic perspective, every photo elegantly contributes to the story of your love. Miks Sels approach to photography revolves around human ‘sense’. He creates photographs that are appealing physically and emotionally to the viewer. And with photography being Miks passion, he is a fervent worker that remains completely dedicated to his couples from beginning to end. Based in Northern Europe country - Latvia, he also loves to travel and explore - and is willing to go wherever your love story unfolds. Miks is right - his next flight is just 2h away to almost any European destination.

        - Junebug Weddings (USA)


        Miks is a very professional photographer with a laid back, personable style that puts subjects at ease! He is good at instinctively spotting opportunities and produces shots within his own identifiable style. We’ve just done a small shoot with him ahead of our wedding day and couldn’t be happier with the results.

        - Tom Keighley (UK)


        Thank you for capturing the most amazing shots of our wedding. What a talent and so easy to work with. Focused yet relaxed.

        - Manbir Judge (UK)
        liene petersone photo


        Telling your love and your story through the camera. I am a wedding, family and portrait photographer. Love to travel for my passion – photography. And it does not matter how far you are. I’m excited that you are here. I would be even more excited to hear about your plans! Write down some more information on the contact page so I can see how can I help you.

        “After all the celebration is over, memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left”. Make sure you do the right decision.

        If you need any advice to hire the best wedding planner or get the coolest evening host please don’t hesitate to contact me. Take a look at my latest blog posts to see recent work.