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        Midsummer wedding | Ieva + Janis

        Midsummer wedding by Bannte.lv


        This is not a traditional midsummer wedding with all the native traditions and celebrations. Midsummer wedding – because of the date and the heat all summer long. Wasn’t it wonderful? And again – not the hottest summer day this year. But quite sure that one of the most beautiful wedding days this summer. Take a look! All those wedding details couple together with wedding planner have prepared. Outstanding! I met Ieva and Janis 3 years ago on a joyful family photo session. Just couldn’t wait for this day therefore I hope you like it too.


        Event planner – Banntè / Inga Bērziņa
        Decorations and bouquet – Love Letters;  Invitation design – Dagnija Gaile; Make up – Linda Liepiņa; Dress – Pronovias; Calligraphy – Papīrs un Tinte; Dress – ;  Wedding Cake – Anna Panna; Posters – Pujene Wedding;  Venue – Mazmezotnes muiža; Music – Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis; Evening host – Arvis Zēmanis;  Balloons – Helium; Catering – Mesty Gourmet; Bar – Martandi.

        Press play and enjoy the wedding story:
        Music: Flora Cash – 18 dollars

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        If you’re looking something more about the photographer or weddings, please get in touch. There is more on the blog and portfolio. See also the latest work: City Garden Wedding.

        If you have any questions about photography packages, wedding planners, best evening hosts or any other question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.  And remember: after all the celebration is over, memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left. Hope to see you soon!



        Vēlējos noskaidrot kur atrodas telpas, kurās norisinājās Ievas un Jāņa kāzu mielasts, kā arī uzzināt cik ātri jums pašam aizpildās kalendārs ar rezervācijām uz vasaru.
        Precos nākošgad, bet vēl nezinām vai augustā vai rudenī.

        Tā ir Mazmežotnes muiža pie Bauskas. Apsveicu at bildinājumu! Par nākošā gada rezervāciju atbildēju Jums e-pastā.

        Ar cieņu,

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